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Welcome to Glauber's Trophy Room:

Our store is adorned throughout with trophies we've taken from past hunting expeditions. We are proud of the success we've attained in the field using the quality products we sell in our store. Below is a gallery of photos from the Glauber's team and happy customers, showing off some of that success.

If you share our passion for hunting and fishing we encourage you to submit your photos for display in the online Glauber's Trophy Room. Simply e-mail your photo(s) to kyguns@yahoo.com. Please include the following information with your submission:

Date of Photo
Equipment Used

Location of Hunt
Game Species
Misc. Comments



Name: Wesely & Bryce Williams   Location: Owen County, KY
Date: Nov. 2012   Game: Deer
Gear: Model 30a 30-30   Comments:

Wesley williams with his 7 pointer shot in owen county killed with a glenfield modal 30a  30 30 bought at glaubers in 2009, and Bryce williams holding jorge "tommy" williams buck 9 point killed with same gun in owen county



Name: Billy George   Location: Northern Alberta
Date: May 2012   Game: Bear
Gear: Mathews Z7   Comments: Here is a couple of bears that we took on a bear hunt in Northern Alberta 3 weeks ago, the bear on the left I harvested with the Mathews Z7 that I purchased from you. He scored 20.5 inches and made the books with out any problems. The bow is still shooting like a dream, It has been 2.5 years since I bought the bow from you and I have not had to do anything to it, the complete setup is perfect.



Name: Greg Smith   Location: Switzerland Co., IN
Date: N/A   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: Pro Hunter Muzzle Loader   Comments: He was a main frame 8 with a brow broke off so he had 7 scorable points. Green score was 142 3/8s. Didn't weigh him. That bare spot on his neck was a gouge from a fight. He had anther one in his side that had become infected. Shot with pro hunter muzzle loader from you. Guns bought from Glaubers shot better then guns from other stores! Lol.



Name: Dayna Leach   Location: Carrollton, KY
Date: 12-10-11   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: Thompson Encore 50 caliber Muzzle Loader (Purchased From Glaurber's!)   Comments: 9 Pointer!



Name: Tom Mauntel   Location: N/A
Date: 11-18-2011   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: Tikka 308   Comments: Nice Gun! It was a pleasure doing business with you!



Name: Danny Padgett   Location: N/A
Date: N/A   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: G5-T3   Comments: "...at 50 yards the bolt went all the way threw, the G5-T3 did better than a 12 Ga slug!"

Below is a collection of trophies from Billy George:


James Bruce 

Name: James Bruce   Location: Switzerland County
Date: Oct 15, 2011   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: Hoyt Vectrix with Easton ST Excel 400; 100 grain blood runners - All bought at Glaubbers!   Comments: 6 1/2 year old 15 point buck. Field dressed 250 Lbs. Green score 179.


Chad Dawson 

Name: Allison Bruce   Location: Switzerland County
Date: Sept 24, 2011 - Youth Season   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: .44 Rem. Mag Handi Rifle with Bushnell scope - All purchased from Glaubbers   Comments: 9 year old daughter's first buck 


Chad Dawson 

Name: Chad Dawson   Location: N/A
Date: Sept 15, 2011   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: N/A   Comments: This is the buck my cousin was showing to timmy, notice his left g2 grows straight down.  I killed him on 9/15/11, he scored 144.25, my biggest yet, his best feature is his 25 inc main beams!


Dustin Daigle 

Name: Dustin Daigle   Location: Carroll Co., KY
Date: Sept 5, 2011   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: Compound Bow   Comments:

Gross score 205 1/2 inches.  I shot this deer out of a ladder stand that I bought from Glauber's.  Thanks Guys!!


Colt McGuire 

Name: Colt McGuire   Location: Family Farm
Date: Nov., 2010   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: N/A   Comments:

Colt is 12 years old and he took a 13 point buck.


Reilly Carroll 

Name: Reilly Carroll   Location: Owenton, KY
Date: Nov. 14, 2010   Game: White Tailed Deer
Gear: Remington 721 (270)   Comments:

1 st evening of rifle season didnt see a deer 2cd morning only deer we saw shot it at 100 yards first deer ever


Jeff Ward 

Name: Jeff Ward   Location: N/A
Date: Dec. 9, 2010   Game: Coyote
Gear: R25   Comments:

Great success with my New R25 in 243, Have killed 3 coyote's over the last two days, the gun shot's Great!!!

Thanks Jeff


John Bell 

Name: John Bell   Location: N/A
Date: Nov. 11, 2010   Game: White Tail Deer
Gear: 30-30   Comments: 8 Pointer, 170 pounds!


Patrick Hall Patrick Hall

Name: Patrick Hall   Location: N/A
Date: 2008   Game: Deer
Gear: Kimber 308, Nikon 3x9   Comments: Patrick was 11 years old when he took this deer with the Kimber 308. Also pictured is Patrick's first deer with a bow!


Roger Cooley 

Name: Roger Cooley   Location: CONSOL WMA, Knott County
Date: Oct. 6, 2010   Game: Kentucky Bull Elk
Gear: T/C Venture 300 Win Mag   Comments: I used my T/C venture 300 Win Mag with 180 gn Sierra game king boat tail Winchester casing, Winchester mag primer 74.5 gn IMR 7828 all purchsed at your store. Primos bipod shooting sticks from Glaubers. A Ruff score is 360 on the rack this is one great Kentucky Bull, and Kentucky offers one of the best hunts I have been on.


John Blackburn 

Name: John Blackburn   Location: Carroll Co., KY
Date: September 2010   Game: Whitetail Deer
Gear: Mathews Z-7 / Rage Broadheads   Comments: Thank you to everyone at Glauber's!


Billy George - 10 Point - Trimble County, KY 

Name: Billy George   Location: Trimble County, KY
Date: September 2010   Game: Whitetail Deer
Gear: Mathews Z-7   Comments: Here is the picture of the 10 poit buck that I took with my Mathews Z-7 bow that I purchased from your shop and all equipment used. I was hunting in Trimble County, I have hundreds of pictures of this buck and I had to hunt him in the evenings because of fear that I would push him out of the area.He came in at 7:35 pm and gave me a broad side shot and I hit him in the shoulder and it exited out his chest cavity and went threw his other leg and stuck in the Ground about 8 inches,I am very happy with the service that I received and I will be a returning coustomer.
- Thanks Billy George 


Ethan Lawson - Turkey 

Name: Ethan Lawson, 13 Years Old   Location: N/A
Date: April 3rd, 2010   Game: Turkey
Gear: N/A   Comments: 27 Lbs, 11 1/2" Beard, 3.4" Spurs


Matt Kriege - Whitetail Deer 

Name: Matt Kriege   Location: Owen County, Kentucky
Date: November 15th, 2009   Game: Whitetail Deer
Gear: Savage Bolt Action .270   Comments: My First Buck!


David Burke David Burke

Name: David Burke   Location: Kentucky
Date: October 11th, 2009   Game: Deer
Gear: Mossberg (Left)
Ruger Model 77 (Right)
  Comments: Here are pictures of my 12 year old twins that were fortunate enough to score today (10-11-09) with their rifles that were purchased at your store.  The Ruger Model 77 on the right was purchased just Saturday (10-10-09).  The Mossberg on the left was purchased last December.  Both deer were taken the same day from the same stand.  Thanks for the guns.


Ralph Lee takes an Elk

Name: Ralph Lee   Location: WY Big Horn Mountains
Date: October 2007   Game: Elk
Gear: em .300 Ultra Mag with Remington Core'Lockt premier ammo   Comments: N/A

Randy Glauber Kills Hog

Name: Randy Glauber (owner of Glauber's)   Location: Tennessee
Date: March of 2006   Game: Wild Hog / Boar
Gear: Crossbow   Comments: "The crossbow performed flawlessly!"

Tim Ellegood - Fallow Deer

Name: Tim Ellegood   Location: (info unavailable)
Date: (info unavailable)   Game: Fallow Deer
Gear: Compound Bow   Comments: Tim Ellegood (Glauber's archery expert) took this fallow deer with his compound bow.


Herb Arvin and Deer

Name: Herb Arvin   Location: Kentucky
Date: (info unavailable)   Game: Deer
Gear: Compound Bow   Comments: Herb Arvin (Glauber's bow technician) with one of his many bucks.

Black Bear

Name: Vernon States   Location: Canada
Date: (info unavailable)   Game: Black Bear
Gear: Hoyt X-tec Compound Bow   Comments: Fellow Carollton native, Vernon States, shot this bear with the bow he purchased from Glauber's Sports.


Richard Elcker

Name: Richard Eckler   Location: New Mexico
Date: (info unavailable)   Game: Elk
Gear: (info unavailable)   Comments: Fellow Kentuckian, Richard Eckler, shot this impressive elk with gear sold at Glauber's Sports.


Ronnie Perkins

Name: Ronnie Perkins   Location: Alaska
Date: (info unavailable)   Game: Moose
Gear: Compound Bow   Comments: Glauber's has an excellent archery dept. Ronnie Perkins of Warsaw, KY took this moose with his bow.


Rick Leach

Name: Rick Leach   Location: Kentucky
Date: May 3rd, 2003   Game: Turkey
Gear: (info unavailable)   Comments: This 23.8 lb turkey had 4 beards, 1.25" spurs, and scored 104.25 points (finishing twelfth in the State!)


Tyler Welch

Name: Tyler Welch   Location: (info unavailable)
Date: (info unavailable)   Game: Deer
Gear: Rifle   Comments: 6-year-old, Tyler Welch, took this 6 point buck during youth season using a rifle sold at Glauber's Sports.


Randy's Tuna

Name: Randy Glauber   Location: Alabama Coast
Date: (info unavailable)   Game: Tuna
Gear: Rod and Reel   Comments: Randy Glauber (owner of Glauber's) landed this 60 lb tuna on the coastal waters of Alabama.


Clint Dawson

Name: (info unavailable)   Location: Kentucky
Date: November 24, 2005   Game: Deer
Gear: (info unavailable)   Comments: This 9 point buck.

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